Fish Architecture

Fish Architecture is a proposition to engage in an interspecies existence but depicts only one of many possible processes to get there. Nature and civilisation are constantly changing objects and do not adhere to the human narratives they are often given. Rather we propose to think in terms of ecosystems, which comprise non-human animals and other organisms, and are finely tuned by all their inhabitants. But this tuning is a dynamic, a never-ending process that brings continuous evolvement rather than pristine and virgin stagnancy. We cannot say how or if other animals consciously commit to this process, but as humans we can decide to do so and become ecological agents. Through an anthropo-zoo-genetic approach, we can even empathise with alien species such as fish in an ecological manner and thereby together create spaces, taking the biological needs and behaviours of multiple agents into account.  Evolution is a design process, and every involved organism can become a designer, an architect or a creator. In an interspecies endeavour, we can together create ecological niches to coexist and enter the Symbiocene, the ecological era. Because to exist is to coexist.

Exhibitions & Interventions & Installations


Callaboration with SUPERFLEX & Alex Jordan, A City Beyond: Rethinking Co-Habitation, curated by Martina Huber and Violeta Burckhardt, AIA Gallery Zurich

Intervention at The Nights of the Smiling Moons, curated by Chus Martinez, Fondation Beyerle, Basel


Contribution to There Is No Such Thing as Bad Weather by SUPERFLEX, Le Bicolor, Paris

Spider Sense, Sense Festival, Biotopia Munich