Marine Makers

The Marine Makers are a project-based workshop communicating the principles of ocean literacy and marine sciences while equipping the students with practical skills using the frugal technologies of a Makerspace. The first version of the Marine Makers took place with six sessions in spring 2022 in Port Antonio, Jamaica. The Caribbean, especially Jamaica, suffers from anthropogenic disturbances such as overfishing, coral bleaching, and marine pollution. Nevertheless, the ocean is one of the most important resources for the island due to the fishing industry and tourism. Still, few know the consequences of anthropogenic interruptions on the marine ecosystem and adjacent communities. Marine Makers aims at college students who live on the coast and can directly observe or experience ecosystem disturbances. This immediate connection with the ocean might motivate them to become future changemakers within their community.

Together with Rohaan Goswami, the COO of Strategy at Ycenter, Anja plans an improved version of the Marine Makers Jamaica for 2023.

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